Shock Cord

Shock cord with carabiner clip

Shock cord with carabiner clip

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ModelCCCS    Shape   Round
Elasticity180%  ColourWhite/Black/Green/red/blue       (Custom-designed)
Diameter2-20mm SheathPolypropylene/Polyester/Nylon
Inner coreExtruded Rubber ThreadHookCarabiner clip
Remark: Samples could be delivered to be manufactured against bulk order.

Bungee(i.e., bungy or bungie) cord, people also call it shock cord (Occy strap / Octopus strap in Australian common usage) or stretch cord, which is an elastic cord composed of one or more rubber(latex) threads as its core that covered with cotton and synthetic fiber such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. It also has a hooking system on its both ends. Usually the cover is without elasticity, but the elasticity of the core makes the cord elastic. And the general elasticity degree can reach180% of the original length of stretch cord. Its general purpose is to absorb shock. But nowadays bungee cord is widely used by people for securing, tying down and binding goods, trying without knots.
Key Features and Purpose
• Excellent elasticity
• Aging-resistant
• Convenience and time saving
• Good evenness
• Abrasion-resistant
• UV treated polypropylene filament
► Transportation
They are often used on cargo shipping. Cargo net is used to tie down your goods to make them stay calm in case of the sudden jarring of your truck.
► Business
Stretch cord can be put into the cloth to make the special part of cloth elastic. And as for some electronic products such as cameras, cell phones, and some package bags, bungee cords are also needed for holding and decoration.
Maybe you are thinking how to tie down your redundant luggage to your roof rack or backpack. If you have stretch cords, it will be easier for you to solve the problems. And even when you go for a picnic, you can use it for hang cloth and other things.
►Daily life
Stretch cord can make your door closed automatically or leave your door open all the time until you want to close. More over, if you have pet dogs, bungee cords shall make your dog less pain for its high elasticity.
Trade Conditions
Package: Plastic bags with hanging card, Clamshell, Plastic box, Cartons or Custom-designed
Deliver: 10 days (quantity-dependent)
Payment: T/T, L/C

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