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Substitute for rubber thread

These years, China, Europe, American, Japan and other countries are searching new biological rubber resources for the short supply of hevea nature rubber and SALB (one kind of plant diseases). 
  • Great progress of guayule
American has raised planting guayule to the degree of developing its local nature rubber. American agricultural ministry listed developing non hypersensitivity nature rubber into project plan of American agricultural research institute in 2000 and signed 5-year contract with Yulex company who shall allocate 2.3 million dollars for planting and developing guayule.
At the beginning of 2012, Bridgestone and Cooper company declared that they will go on an tire researching in using guayule. Lately, American agricultural ministry and national energy bureau has allocated 6.9 million dollars in supporting the tire studies of guayule.
In 2010, European Union listed the study of replacing hevea nature rubber by guayule and dandelion rubber into FP7. The experiment results in France and Spain are different. The output in France is 450 kg per hectare while 1600 kg per hectare in Spain. It is obvious that hot and dry weather are benefit for the output.
  • Dandelion rubber grass resources 
Company Delta, whose headquarter is in Akron of American is developing dandelion rubber grass resources and preparing to make them industrialization. Dandelion rubber grass is also called as TKS. According to the literature description, its output could reach 1120 kg per hectare. The outgrowth of alcohol after extraction shall be 2.3 million gallon. However, the extracted rubber is different from hevea rubber.
  • Potential of gutta-percha in China
Gutta-percha has been considered as biological rubber resource with greatest potentials and value in China. 95% of Gutta-percha resource of the world is in China. No matter fruit, leaf, peel or root, they all include abundant Gutta-percha. Gutta-percha trees could be used in industries of medical, agriculture, forest, livestock-raising and ecology, which has high social, economic, ecological benefits.
  • Output
Dandelion rubber output is about 1120 kg per hectare while 1200 kg for gutta-percha rubber and 1600 kg for guayule.

So far some gutta-percha rubber has been put into market and exported in succession. Gutta-percha could cover many fields, such as tires, golf, medical fixing board, artificial limb supporting, tooth filling, vacuous pump, sealed unions and so on.

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