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Use and category for latex thread

  • Uses
Rubber thread has wide usages. They are elastic braiding products such as various elastic bands, tight underwear, swimming cloth, sock welt, glove welt, waist band, bra strips, rubber tread band, sofa elastic band, tourniquet, body-building exercise belts, bungee cords and so on. They are used in almost all industries including medical, sports, daily life, agriculture, business, entertainment, fishing and so on.
  • Category
According to the surface technique, rubber thread has two kinds, one is powder thread and the other is oil thread. The difference is whether the oxidation resistance surface is wrapped by powder or oil. Three degrees of A, B, C are sorted in accordance with quality. Also according to elasticity, it could be divided into normal one and high elasticity one. The high elasticity one is used in making sofa band and elastic bed cushion. According to green level, ordinary level and food safety level are defined. The food safety one is used to fix the shape of food. Usually the ordinary one is used in textile industry.
  • Main models
10#, 20#, 23#, 28#, 32#, 37#, 42#, 52#, 55#, 63#, 75#, 80#, 90#, 100#, 105#, 110#, 125#. The higher is the figure, the thinner is the thread.

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