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What is shock cord

Shock(Occy strap / Octopus strap in Australian common usage) cord, people also call bungee(sometimes spelled bungy or bungie) cord  or stretch cord, which is an elastic cord composed of one or more rubber(latex) threads as its core that covered with cotton and synthetic fibre such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. It also has a hooking system on its both ends. Usually the cover is without elasticity, but the elasticity of the core makes the cord elastic. And the general elasticity degree can reach 185% of the original length of the shock cord. Its general purpose is to absorb shock. But nowadays shock cord is widely used by people for secure, tying down and binding goods, trying without knots.
According to Oxford English dictionary, the origin of the name "shock", bungie" or "bungy" is uncertain. Next time, we will introduce the specific use of shock cord. Please take care of our news.

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